International Preschool and Kindergarten Tuition Fees

How to apply


Before you apply for a preschool, we recommend you to assess the preschool by following these steps:

1) Make an assessment of the most preferred preschool for your child. There are so many factors to consider such as The Curriculum: If you are looking for an International Curriculum in Bangkok, most preschool provides either a British or American curriculum

2) Location of the school: We recommend that the preschool you choose should be in an appropriate distance (drive time should be around 30 minutes and not more than an hour).

3) The Setup & Environment of the Preschool: In order for your child to be confident (remember that this will be his/her first experience to have a social life outside home), the preschool should look friendly, compact, and provides all functions you expect.

4) The Teachers & Staff: This may be the most important factor in choosing a preschool and may only be found out by arranging a school visit. The teachers and staff must be kind, willing to help and polite in nature. The teacher to children ratio should range between 1:10 to 1:15 accordingly to age group. The teachers must be approachable for you to consult about your child.

5) The Academic Fees: You should have a good plan to finance your child's education not only at the preschool stage but through the end of the academic journey.

Having studied all these factors (from websites and from physical visits) and your wise decision is our preschool then you will have to follow these steps:

1) Complete the Application Details: Complete the Application Form and the Terms & Conditions of Payments. Prepare 2 photographs of your child, and a copy of your child's Passport or Birth Certificate.

2) Submit your Application: Arrange your Application submission with our Admission Officer by calling 02-6710836 during Term time Office hours (08:30-14:00, Mon-Fri). For school holiday time, contact us through our email noddyplaygroup@yahoo.com

3) Arrange for payments: Our Accountant will summarise all the payments for you (the payable amount varies on the option you select). You can complete the payment by 3 payment modes: Cash, Cheque, or Bank Transfer. A place for your child will be secured once the payment is completed.

Upon acceptance to the NODDY’s British international pre-school and kindergarten in Bangkok, your child will have the opportunity to take part in all the activities included in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education we teach. Your child will also enjoy the use of all the facilities, playground and classroom equipment at NODDY during their classes.

Leading educators developed the EYFS Education to offer children a chance to develop their social, intellectual, emotional, personal, physical, and communication skills before they enter their formal education years. It was discovered that too many children were entering the formal education system developmentally unprepared. By placing the focus on the child’s individual development, the EYFS system has been successful at providing much needed development in several key areas to produce children that are prepared to meet the challenges of their education, and enjoy their lessons. Children who are happy are better learners and get more out of their education.

The successful results provided by an EYFS education have been recognised all over the world. An EYFS education is becoming highly sought-after by parents who want to provide the best education for their children.

This quality developmental education designed for pre-school children has been adopted by the British Government as a standard that all schools within the UK must adhere to.

The tuition and school fees for our Bangkok international nursery and kindergarten reflect the quality of the developmental education your child will receive while being reasonable and affordable compared to other international schools in Bangkok.

 Rates for Academic Year 2022-2023
 Item  Description  Rate (Baht)
 Registration Fee  Payable Once-Off, when the child is first enrolled  54,000 once only 
 Term Fees - Nursery, KO & K1  3 terms per academic year / from 8.30 to 12.00  75,000 per term 
 Term Fees - K2 & Year 1  3 terms per academic year / from 8.30 to 14.00  86,000 per term
 Extra Curricular Activities   Optional, paid by the term  500 per hour/activity
 Outings and Extra Activities   Payable annually Sep. - Sep. or on admission  1,500 per year 
 Accident Insurance   Payable annually Sep. - Sep. or on admission   500 per year 


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