Discover Our International Nursery School Near Sathorn

First impressions can last a lifetime. They’re especially important when it comes to children. You want to create a positive experience of education in your child’s mind to pave the way for future educational success. A child who enjoys the idea of attending classes is a child who will develop a love of learning that will last throughout their life and make a difference to the way they engage with the world. At NODDY’s British international nursery school in Bangkok, our goal is to instil this love of learning in all children attending our nursery classes.

At NODDY, we are committed to giving your child the best start to their educational journey, and helping them to love and appreciate all aspects of their education. Our goal is to inspire independence and confidence in your child, which will allow them to explore the world around them without hesitation.

Children’s brains develop rapidly during their first five years. They are continuously pushing their limits by seeking out new experiences and new knowledge. At NODDY’s nursery school in Bangkok, we support this thirst for knowledge by keeping our class sizes small. With only 12-15 children, our teachers and assistants can devote extra time to the needs of every child in the class.

Spreading Their Wings

With this continuous support, children quickly develop the confidence to overcome any shyness and engage with the school experience. They learn to play and develop their social skills, which includes communicating effectively with their peers and teachers.

NODDY has plenty of room and playground facilities for children to run around in the sunshine and play safely during monitored activities that help them improve their gross and fine motor skills. Running, balancing, grasping and climbing help children learn what their bodies can do and this is important for well-rounded development.

When physical playtime is over, the children stay engaged by combining learning with fun activities that help with their intellectual, emotional, and personal development. They explore colours, shapes, the concept of numbers, music, and language. They also continue to work on their fine motor skills by learning how to paint with a brush as well as their fingers, draw with a pencil, and sort colours and shapes. During these activities their hand-eye coordination continues to improve and develop.

During all these activities they’re encouraged to articulate their feelings, questions and opinions. This helps them develop their social abilities, manners and accepted behaviours that will serve them well throughout their life.

Enrol Your Child at NODDY

Enrol your child in an international nursery school in Bangkok where they can develop a love of learning that will last forever. Your child will love the nursery school programme at Noddy as their first introduction to education.

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