NODDY PLAYGROUP : Kindergarten

Enrol Your Child in Our Kindergarten Classes in Bangkok

For the children at NODDY’s British international kindergarten near Sathorn in Bangkok, kindergarten is a crucial step in their development before entering their first year of formal education. Therefore, our goal is to provide them with the attention they need to reach their full potential on their educational journey. This is why we keep our class size small. 

Learning from Their Peers

Older students are able to gain confidence from being cast in the role of a big brother or sister. They also reinforce and practice the skills they’ve learned while they pass them along and serve as mentors and tutors to the younger students. They gain compassion and empathy as they help the younger children understand what they’ve learned by talking about the subjects from their own perspective.

The younger children benefit by having a wider source of knowledge. Rather than just relying on their teacher, they learn there are different viewpoints on various subjects and many ways to learn. 

As the older children act as role models and people the younger children look up to, they pay attention to what they say. This extra attention is often valuable in grasping a particular concept or subject. Often it makes more sense hearing it from the viewpoint of a role model and classmate.

Value of Diversity

Teachers at Noddy prepare students to utilise everything around them as a learning resource. This includes classmates, books, and art. We want to train children that learning is a lifelong practice that can be as fun as it is rewarding.

Learning as much as you can from as many different people as possible is the way to gain a balanced and compassionate view on life.

Benefits of the EYFS Programme

The EYFS programme taught in NODDY’s kindergarten classes in Bangkok, emphasises the importance of developing social, emotional, intellectual and physical capabilities.

Bangkok is a colourful, multicultural and diverse city. We use the foundations of the EYFS programme as a basis to teach our children to use the diversity that we find all around us, every day in Bangkok. We want our students to learn all they can and be excited to enter the upcoming years of their formal education.